I spent some time in Nebraska last week.  My dad has lost a lot of what he gained while in rehab.  His reasoning is not what it used to be.  He is making excuses for why he can’t do as much.  Mom is getting tired and she is not handling things as well.

It is hard to be patient with my dad at times.  And yet there are times when he almost seems like his old self – his humor comes back and he smiles.  But it doesn’t last long.  Mom will not be able to handle dad much longer at home.  Once dad goes into the nursing home, it probably won’t take long for him to go.

This is a hard place to be – but God is good and I trust in His providence for all that is yet to transpire.  Pray for my dad to see the beauty of the gospel before he crosses from this life to the next.  Pray for my ability to communicate the truth he needs to hear in a way that he will listen to and will be winsome.