Life in Nebraska is always interesting.  This trip is proving to have some interesting twists and turns.

Before coming down for the weekend, Mom was excited to tell me that she thought Dad would soon be moving from the wheelchair back to using his walker.  The reality is that dad will need to do a lot of work to get back to using his walker – he is not motivated to do the work.  This is born by the fact that the Home Care Physical Therapist stopped coming because dad wasn’t doing the work.  She said that unless he has an internal drive and determination to work hard, she is not using her time effectively by coming here.  Hard words to hear – but ones that needed to be heard!

I had a good talk with my brother.  I stated that is was surprising to me that dad reacted to every Parkinson’s medication that has been tried.  My brother seemed to be also wondering the same thing.  There is one drug that seemed to work, but dad said he was dizzy about three hours later.  When my brother told him to take it at  night  so that he could sleep through that time frame, he wasn’t so excited about it.  However about two days, he was asking for the medication at night.  We will see how it goes.

My sense is that he doesn’t really want to get better.  He wants a magic pill that will cure all his aches and pains and make him like he was at 75.  The reality is that it will never happen.  He has let his body slip too far and medication is helpful to a point – it is not a cure all for what he has.  So when the medication does do what it is supposed to do,there seems to be some issue – either physically or imagined.  He will tell you he is willing to work hard to regain his mobility, but once I leave he stops working.  He has regressed a lot since I was here 6 weeks ago.

The reality has hit although not many in the family will say it out loud – Dad is not helping himself and there fore what I am seeing today is the best he will probably ever be, unless God chooses to intervene in a miraculous way,  Hard to come to terms with, but it is the truth.

I will write more later – still processing many things that have happened.  Continue to pray for our trip.  We will be heading home sometime on Wednesday.