As a family we keep a big calendar on the kitchen wall so that we can attempt to track the comings and goings of family members.  Each family member has an assigned color to make things easier.  I can tell at a glance who has something on by the color.  If I need to know more details, I can look at the time and the event going on.  It has worked very well – when everyone remembers to put their events on the calendar.

Giovanna has been assigned the color orange because her older sister already took her favorite color – Pink! She has not paid much attention to the calendar – at least that is what I thought.  However this year she has begun to notice when she has something on the calendar.  Imagine my surprise when she asked, “what I doing?”  I was dumb founded at first and as I asked more questions, I realized she had figured out that when there is something orange on the calendar – it is an activity or event for her.  She is one smart cookie.   Now that she is reading, I also have to use code or abbreviations if I don’t want her to know about the event until the day of.  It saves the millions of questions she has if she knows what the event is.  She is content to know that she has something – at least for now.