After spending time with some friends, one leaves so encouraged and refreshed.  My friend Jeff is that way.  He was in town the other day and we got together to debrief the Thailand trip.  There were many things we agreed on, some things that need more time to percolate and some things that just need to be done differently.

There are some exciting developments with this ministry and as soon as some of the details are in place, I will share more.  Just keep praying for wisdom and for people that I will be asking to work along side me in developing this ministry.  It is exciting to see what God is at work doing.

While Jeff was here, he made two statements that gave me much to think about.  One of those statements was, “Corrie, you have almost as much time ahead of you to minister as you have behind you.  That really excites me.”

The other statement, “Corrie with you on board to do the children’s programming, I don’t even think about it.  Your leadership,  you knowledge of kids, the way you connect with people.  You don’t need your hand held like others who take teams overseas.  I can trust you to find what you need and to lead your team.”

Wow – God has been good to help me step out of my comfort zone and give comfort to others leading conferences.  It is exciting to think about what God might be pleased to do in the future.