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I have had the wonderful privilege of teaching the young women that attend the SAY YES center in Minneapolis on Monday nights for the past 18 months.  This is an outreach of my church to inner city youth at risk.   I love this ministry even though it is probably one of the hardest places I have ministered.   God has given me a heart for these young ladies and last night we had one of the best speakers come in and talk to the girls and guys.

The speaker’s name is Molly and she is 27 years old and she got the kids attention when she said she was going to tell the kids how to have the best sex ever!  When the kids found out that she was not married and had never had sex – they all looked at her and wondered what she would say.  She was able to keep their attention for a full hour and challenged them to think and act in ways that are so counter cultural!  Or that is what most people think.  However the latest statistics are showing that the majority of High School seniors in  Minnesota will graduate as virgins!  So sex is not as prevalent as the media would like us to believe!

These young men and women listened intently to someone who is so different from them.  Molly is white, middle class, and has never been sexually active and yet she was able to keep these kids engaged for a full hours.  I assume that the subject matter had something to do with it.  But she was engaging and shared many facts with the kids.

Her talk followed the live ultra sound on a pregnant woman who is 12 weeks into her pregnancy.  As only God could orchestrate, this little baby was moving all over as if he knew he was on camera and showing off for a crowd!

These kids were challenged to keep their pants and shirts on.  In this day when saggy pants are the “in” thing, many of the boys were pulling up their saggy pants at the end of this program!  There are many things for these kids to think about and those of us in the leadership positions are praying about continuing the discussion.  Pray for wisdom as well as thank God for those that have chosen to remain virgins until they are married (as revealed in a survey done by the group that did the presentation).  Several others said that they had been sexually active but are choosing secondary virginity as a result of last night’s presentation.

I am so thankful for gifted speakers like Molly who can come in and give the kids what they need in a way that keeps them engaged and yet challenges them to live a life that is pleasing to God.  Pray that her words will continue to encourage them to do what is pleasing to the Lord for the sole reason that God loves it when they do!