This has been quite a week for me like riding a very fast roller coaster ride, which for me can be very nerve racking!  The reason for this has to do with medical things going on.  I went in for both a mammogram and ultrasound – not a routine check but diagnostic in nature.

The background leading up to this week;

It was my last night  in Nebraska, after a rather trying week with my parents after my dad came home from the care center after 4 months of rehab from his broken hip.  I was very tired and was looking forward to a relaxing shower.  However that long awaited shower turned out not to be so relaxing as I found a lump in my breast.  As soon as I found it, the peace that followed was amazing – I didn’t feel any fear.  I stayed in the shower a bit longer than normal to pray and to think through what I would do next.  I decided not to tell my parents and took care of a few final things before retiring for the night.

I didn’t sleep great that night and when I was awake I prayed about many things – not just what I would be facing medically once I got back to Minnesota.  I used the time to pray for my parents and the road ahead of them and for peace to reign after I left the next morning.

Upon getting up, I found that I still had an amazing peace and was able to get things packed up and left shortly after noon.  On the way home as I listened to praise music I was able to praise God for all that he had accomplished during that week and for the good foundation my parents had to build on.

Once home, I called to get a doctor’s appointment.  However on Friday I began to realize how vulnerable I was because I was tired on just about all levels.  So I sent out a short email to some prayer warriors and the weekend flew by without one thought about what I had found or was to experience.

I knew that I would need a mammogram which as far as I am concerned is just about one of the worst tests man has developed.  But also necessary to determine what kind beast I was dealing with.  Tuesday morning came and fear gripped me in such a way that I sent out a second prayer request.  I was not sure how I would make it through the appointment.  I knew people were praying because by the time I was called back to the exam room, I was calm and could even joke with the nurse.  The doctor completed her exam and was 98% certain it was a cyst.  But I was scheduled for both the mammogram and ultrasound the next day.

The center where I went for these diagnostic tests was amazing.  They walked you through each step, the rooms were so calm and peaceful and when they were doing the ultrasound, I got to see everything.  It was amazing how big this particular cyst was.  There was some discussion as to whether it would be aspirated (drained) or not.  I was not about to leave without the fluid being removed.  I had this sense that it would need to be done sooner or later and I really didn’t want to make a second trip.  So the decision was made to drain it – mainly due to the size.  I got to watch that process as well.  It was amazing to watch the cyst shrink before my eyes.  It was even more amazing to see the 6-8 CC of greenish – yellow fluid that was taken out.

What a relief to have it all behind me.  I am thankful for the way things turned out and that God was giving me peace through out the whole process. I am thankful to have friends who are willing to cover me with prayer and to ask God for miracles.  This could have turned out so much differently and yet regardless of how it would have turned out, God is faithful.  His mercies are new every morning – even in things like mammograms and cysts.