I have had a desire to run the Boston Marathon since I was 25.  I have covered a lot of ground since then which included a 12 year hiatus from running while I had small children.  My desire is still to qualify to run this race and maybe someday I will.  But for now, I will be content to cheer on Ryan Hall, Olympic athlete, world vision team mate and most important of all, Child of the King!

He explained what it means to run well.

“Those moments when I feel God running with me. It’s hard to articulate, but when you experience it you know it. Those moments that are typically effortful are now effortless, thoughts in your head melt away & all that is left is joy, delight and the satisfying sensation of performing outside yourself.”

To get the full quote and a feel for his heart as he runs for World Vision, click here.

The Boston Marathon will be run on Monday 21 April.  I have looked at the course and am more excited to work harder at my running with an eye towards one day qualifying for this race.