Teaching kids to read is never easy and those with special needs have their own challenges.  Giovanna has definitely been  very  challenging and has stayed on a plateau for some time.  In Chinese they do not have word families like English does, which proved to be an additional challenge for the teachers!

At school Giovanna’s teacher was also struggling – none of the “proven” methods seemed to work with Giovanna.  She just began to think and get creative and began to use a program called Ed-mark Reading.  Giovanna began to make progress.

Now she is reading signs as we drive.  She has read “Exit 14”, “Target” and “Cub Foods.”  Not bad for someone who has struggled through this process for a couple of years!  It brings joy to my heart to know that she is gaining confidence in her reading and to see her reading more and more as we drive to and from different places!

Praise God for his word in her life!