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Ever since High School and the beginning of Track season, spring has been the time to run!  The warm weather brings out that desire to run even to this day.  It is hard to see the sunshine outside and not feel the itch to run!  Some would call me crazy, but that is how I am built.

So with a strained PCL, it has been a hard spring.  But today with the sun shinning and the temps in the mid 50’s I was out and running.  I was going for 3.5 but made about 2 before the knee began to hurt.  Still need to pamper that PCL!

I am also thinking about races.  Here are some that I am considering running this spring/summer/fall;

Running Opener around Lake Phalen in St. Paul         Saturday 18 April

Northern Lakes, 30K (18.6 Miles)                                     Saturday 30 May

Get Ready to Rock, 20 Mile                                                  Saturday 12 September

Big Woods Half Marathon                                                      Saturday 17 October

Participating in any of these races will depend on how quickly the PCL recovers and gets strong enough for the distances.  I need to decide before Tuesday about the Running opener – I would do the 5K instead of the 10K, based on the performance of the knee today.