Knowing that my dad was coming home, there are things that needed to be done to make the house safer for him.  One of those things was to get a hospital like bed for him to sleep in.  Prior to breaking his hip, he was sleeping in a recliner, which was not helping his posture or his muscles.  My mom was told that Medicare would pay for the rental of the bed.  Somehow there has been a mix up getting some information released and the bed has not been delivered yet and I am uncertain as to what actually took place to cause the mix up.  So please pray that this could be straightened out quickly and that the bed can be delivered prior to my dad’s homecoming!

He is very excited about coming home.  I am taking down some therapy bands to help my dad with range of motion and strengthening exercises.  I use them with Giovanna and have seen some good success with her.  Pray that my dad would be willing to use them.