I now know that I will be leaving for Nebraska on Thursday, 02 April. My dad is very excited to be able to leave the nursing home. My mom, according to both my brother and my dad does not really want him at home. This means it will be a very interesting week.

My mom has a cold and has lost her voice so I haven’t called her much this week to check on how things are progressing in getting things ready for his home coming. But in my last conversation with her, she was pretty upset with something that happened at the nursing home, but am not sure what happened. Pray that I can learn what happened and help my mom put some perspective on it. What I can’t determine over the phone is whether this event will make mom more willing to work things out so dad can stay at home. In the past it has been, from her perspective, “let’s try it out and see, but I don’t think it will work.” Her manner has been much calmer than in the past. Pray for wisdom as we walk through this.
I am thankful that I have had the extra time here in Minnesota as I am almost fully recovered from my allergic reaction to some medication I was taking for a strained ligament in my knee. I was covered in hives and pretty miserable – at least until this morning. At least now, I won’t have my own issues to deal with on top of making things run as smoothly as they can for my dad.

Here are some specific prayer requests that I would ask you to pray for with regard to this trip;

  • Please pray that I will deal graciously with my parents, my brother, and others that the Lord might bring across my path while in Nebraska.
  • that I would put off my old self and ways of dealing with my family and put on the new creation that God has made me to be through the blood of Christ – that God would continually renew my mind through time in His word; that I would be able to speak the truth in love; that I would not revert to my old ways of interacting with my family; that my speech would be seasoned with salt and build up my family and most of all that I would be willing to pour myself out as an offering to the Lord for the sake of the gospel and that my family would see the truth of the gospel and the work that was done for them on the cross.
  • Pray for Gary and the kids while I am gone. I am going to get some meals in the freezer and have groceries delivered while I am gone. Pray that all would go smoothly – we are still trying to figure out if I will take one of the kids with me or not. I ask for wisdom for this decision – if any come it would most likely be Geoffrey.
  • for my dad – from what I have heard, he has a system down where he can fool the nurses and is not taking his medication. He is also asking for Advil a great deal. Mom will need to keep dad’s medications out of reach and probably locked up. There is some concern about what he doing and why. He is also wanting to get into the main part of the house – which means he might try something that is not to safe while mom is gone and get hurt. A second fall would most likely do him in. He is not strong enough to withstand another broken anything.
  • for safety as I travel to and from Nebraska. I have loaded up on audio books, the Bible on CD and some worship CD’s. If Geoffrey comes along, I will have The Story of the World – Modern history as well. He loves history and listens to these CD’s whenever he can!