My kids love continental breakfasts at hotels, mainly because they have access to things like fruit loops and doughnuts!  These breakfast bars are a huge source of sugar and starch which for a kid is like a slice of heaven.  However for those of us who are older and trying to keep the sugar and starch levels to a minimum – these breakfast bars are tricky to navigate.

The hotel that we stayed at in Jackson has a small breakfast bar but it had yogurt and hard boiled eggs for protein!  I was thrilled.   There was a note on the microwave that explained how to heat them in the microwave.  I did follow the instructions and sat down to eat.  Courtney and I were talking through the day.  To have a warm hard boiled egg for breakfast was so exciting for me that I had two.  As I was beginning to take the first bite out of the second egg – just as I got it to my mouth, there was this huge explosion and my upper lip and top of the  mouth felt like it was on fire.

The hard boiled egg had just exploded into a million pieces!

In all my days of cooking, I have never experienced anything like this.  I later learned that when reheating a hard boiled egg in the microwave, the egg needs to be cut in half, which I didn’t do.    I have not been game enough to try it a second time.  My lip is still sore from Thursday’s explosion.

Now you know!