Courtney and I started our day at Union at 9:15 at the admissions department.  The first thing we saw was a short video about Union University.  It was so interesting to see the faculty, staff and even the University President helping students move into the dorms!  The campus tour was good – we got to see the new dorms that were built after the tornado went through last February.  The dorms are amazing.

We were able to spend some time in the French Department.  The teacher we talked with was pretty impressed with Courtney’s back ground and experience.  Because of her previous coursework and experience, Courtney will be able to go right into 300 level French classes.  Courtney has some decisions to make regarding what route she would like to go – French language and Culture with a teaching certification or go with a linguistics emphasis.

We also found out that all of her credits from Normandale will transfer in and then she also has 32 credits from the INSIGHT program.  She will transfer in as a Junior.  This means that she will have about 2 years to finish her degree.  At this point we don’t know how all of her credits from INSIGHT will transfer in as of yet.  She will have to wait until she can get her final transcript from Northwestern.

We also talked with the Psychology department – Courtney is considering a minor in this.  She has a really good idea of which classes she need to complete the minor.  She could do a double minor in Psychology and education.  She will be talking with the education department later.

If finances weren’t an issue, she would be here in a heart beat.  Continue to pray as we work through the financial picture.