Courtney and I had an uneventful trip from Minnesota to Tennessee. We flew on an airline that I had not heard of, but turned out to be quite nice. They served Chocolate Chip cookies for their in plane snack. Courtney has now decided that this is her favorite airline – she loves chocolate chip cookies!

I was able to get a rental car – I generally reserve these before I leave on a trip, but had no time to do it before we left. We are driving a Ford Focus with fairly touchy brakes – but other than that it seems to be a really nice car. I was offered a GPS at the rental place and almost took it since I am so directionally challenged. However I decided to save the money and wing it. It was really easy getting from the airport in Nashville to the hotel in Jackson.

Once we were checked in, Courtney called a friend of hers that attends Union University. We got directions to her apartment complex, picked her up and went out for dinner. Courtney was able to get some of her questions answered.

We have the schedule for tomorrow. We begin at 9:15 and have a full day of appointments. Pray that we can get all of our questions answered. This is Courtney’s first choice for fall – at least as of today!