The JV team played today at 2:30 – both Garrett and Caleb suited up for the game. It was a very close game and the Blazers were behind at the beginning of the game. By half time they were up by 6 points and ended up winning the game by 4 points!

And yes my dad was able to make the game. My mom came as well. it was fun to see them enjoy the game. My dad was so excited about getting out of the care center that he was dictating to the nurses when to get things done! He was ready to go before the 10 AM scheduled departure time! He was able to get into the big red van fairly easy – it could be that Gary was there helping and they worked well together!

The second game for the JV team was tonight and it did not go as well. They lost by about 15 points. They play tomorrow at 11:30 for 3rd place – not bad for the first time at this tournament and the competition is pretty stiff!