Gary has referred to some of the trips to Nebraska as a battle zone and there has been a increase in the number of skirmishes. The intensity is also increasing. However I was hoping that I would not have to enter into the battle zone quite so soon!

But I am reminded that the battle belongs to the Lord.

As we were leaving for Nebraska, I called mom to let her know what the plans were for our trip. She brought up the appointment tomorrow morning and immediately said, “Dad is NOT going to be able to come home.” I started to ask a question and got one word out before she interrupted and started pointing out all of the reasons why it wouldn’t work. I tried to interject a thought and got two words out and was interrupted again.

The battle belongs to the Lord – I had to keep reminding myself of that during the course of the conversation. I was barely able to complete a sentence!

I mentioned that both of them would need to make some compromises. You would have thought I was suggesting suicide or something on those lines from the reaction I got. Needless to say the call did not go well. My mother hung up on me.

I am so thankful that the battle belongs to the Lord!

Once off the phone, Gary looks at me and says, “Your mother doesn’t want your dad at home does she.” I am reminded of a sentence from the phone conversation with my brother last night, “Mom needs to learn to serve others.” Oh how true that statement is.

God is definitely at work in the midst of all the battles!