Yesterday was one of those days when nothing went as anticipated.  I took two of my kids to the clinic – at different times!  In the morning I took Caleb to see what was going on with him since he wasn’t shaking this virus.  It ended up that he had a double ear infection!  He is now on antibiotics and is starting to feel better.

Courtney has had strep many times in her life and when she spiked her 104+ temp on Sunday, I suspected strep again, but she said it didn’t feel like strep.  At least not until later in the day when her throat started to hurt really bad.  We went to a clinic really close to our house and the strep test was messed up.  So we went to the urgent care clinic in Burnsville.  There we found out more about this mystery virus.

Two weeks of sheer misery is what this virus amounts to!  The first week is fever, sore throat, aches and pains with exhuastion.  The second week is nasty cough.  The doctor took about 5 minutes to explain in great deal the misery that Courtney will experience in the next two weeks.  All of this while she is house sitting and not even at home!

Here’s a picture of how things have looked over the past week –

The kids for most of the week with this virus!

The kids for most of the week with this virus!