The Ayers family has been hit with a mystery illness.  All of the kids have been hit – some more than once.  The symptoms – high fever, chills, extreme exhaustion.  And at some point there comes the nasty cough that sounds like their lungs will come out at some point.  The last to fall was Giovanna and she feel late Sunday morning.  She is having some different symptoms – mainly a headache but has the high temp as well.

While we have no clue what is causing this mysterious illness – it has taken a heavy toll on our family.  The symptoms can be part of a lot of different things – mono, RSV, the nasty crud that generally comes around this time of year or _______.  So we continue to hunker down and let our bodies do what God designed them to do – fight.   And we treat symptoms to the best of our abilities.  We have gone through more Tylenol in one week that we have in 2 years!

However today Caleb will be going in – he has had this stuff for almost 2 weeks and can’t shake the fever.  Now I begin to get concerned about secondary infections!  Pray for wisdom – but mostly that we would be content to lay low and rest!