Early last week we received a call from Gary’s mom – her sister and Gary’s aunt had passed away suddenly.  Ethel was 94 years old and my mother-in-law’s last living sibling.  They talked every week on the phone – sharing the cost of the phone calls by taking turns placing the call.   It was  sudden and unexpected – at least there was nothing going on with her physically that gave any indication that her last days were eminent.

We always enjoyed visiting with Ethel.  She always had great stories to share and was always interested in what was going on with our busy family.  We were at her 90th birthday party a few years ago.  It was a lot of fun.

We had always wondered where she stood in relation to Christ.  We were never able to pin her down, but she was always interested in spiritual things.  So when Gary went to the visitation tonight, he heard a clear presentation of the gospel and that Ethel was sure of where she would go after death.  There was not hesitation on the part of the Pastor either.  Gary also heard stories from a lady in her Bible study.  It seems that Ethel was always prepared and could explain the scriptures in very clear ways.  The women always loved to hear her explain something!  She also talked about our family ministry trips – Gary was asked questions about them!  What a joy to hear that she not only heard what we were doing, but shared with others in her church.  We were prayed for by people that we have never met!

So while it is hard to grasp that she is gone – it is nice to rejoice that she is with her heavenly father in her eternal home!  What a joy to hear about her life of faith!