One of the many fishing Boats along the Gulf of Thailand.

One of the many fishing Boats along the Gulf of Thailand.

If you like fish, Thailand is a great place to go for fresh fish.  Fishing boats like this were everywhere along the Gulf of Thailand.  It was amazing.  In the mornings when I would walk or run along the beach, all the boats were out catching the fish that would be used in the local restaurants later in the day.

Seeing these boats made me think of the Master fisherman and how successful He was at fishing.  He seemed to be drawn to those that seemed the most unlikely, train them and then watch them do miracles!

I went to Thailand to serve those that the Master has called to go to some of the hardest places on earth to do what the Master has called them to do – fish.  I was serving them by watching their children so that they could be refreshed to go back to their communities and fish among those around them.  What a privilege to come along side these fishermen and serve them.  Now my work begins – praying that through the refreshment they received, the Master will bless their work, just like others from the past.  I look forward to hearing what the Master does in and through them.