Here’s a question for you to consider – What is posted on your bathroom Mirror? 

We have Isaiah 43:1b-3a on ours!  Yes you did read that correctly – we write the weekly Scripture Memory verse on our bathroom mirror.  Why?  would be the question that pops into most people’s minds.  Here is the explanation –

We have only one bathroom for 7 people.  All of us at some point in the day go there and while washing hands look in the mirror.  Since we have all struggled at various points in time with finding time to memorize the weekly verse – my oldest came up with a way to redeem “wasted” time looking in the mirror while in the bathroom.  Now each week, she writes the fighter verse on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker. 

So far – we have all been able to get the verse down by Saturday!  I think she is on do something. 

So I challenge you to try it and see if it helps you memorize Scriptures this year. 

You can get more information about the Fighter Verse Program used at my church, click here.