It seems like we have acquired a new piece of furniture – a suitcase.  There has been one in the library since October.  Many trips have been taken since then – Chicago for the marathon; A weeks stay at the hospital with Giovanna when she had her surgery; several trips to Nebraska to help with my dad’s medical needs and the fall church retreats for the kids.  Now there are a couple in the library open and accepting new things for the upcoming trip to Thailand. 

Packing a suitcase can be a lot of fun, especially if the trip is one that you are really excited about and looking forward to!  Just thinking about some of my past trips brings back a flood of memories.  Just a year ago, I was in Switzerland with my husband doing a similar conference to the one coming up in Thailand. The mountains were beautiful and a wonderful place to spend some extended time with the Lord.


Being in the Swiss Alps was a joy for me as I had not been in a mountain area for a long time.

My love for travel was first kindled when I traveled to Japan when I was a teenager.  That first plane flight was exhilarating.  Living with a Japanese family for 6 weeks was educational and stretched me in many ways.  It was that trip that began a life long love of traveling.  

 As I look at my suitcases in the library and all the things that are setting in and beside them waiting to be packed, I think of this next trip.  I get to see a very good friend of mine and minister alongside her in the slums of Bangkok.  I get to teach children about who God is and what He wants us to know about Him and I get to experience another Asian culture.

I look forward to this trip with anticipation – of what God will do in and through the team and I; seeing good friends, making new friends and taking some time to process.  Much has happened this fall and with the speed of all that has come our way, time to process has been very limited.  I long for some extended time with the Lord and to seek Him on the many things that have happened.  Looking to Him for some guidance for the future.