Saturday started off quite mysteriously.  Gary had received a letter with out a return address or signature to the letter itself.  The letter said,

Dear Gary,

You will receive a package shortly.  Please accept it as a thank you for all that you and your family do to further the gospel. 

A package did come and it was bible software – the one that my husband has been wanting for some time but we couldn’t fit it into the budget.  The verse that came to mind “Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4).  What a delight to get such a grand gift when we least expected it and when it give the most encouragement to our family.  We are so thankful for this anonymous person or persons who blessed our family in this way. 

The day went on and I was lured to Ring Mountain under the guise of meeting to discuss some home school things with the other moms that I educate my kids with.  The goal was to get us all an the same page and to make sure bases were covered while I was gone. 

Well it turned out that I have quite the deceptive family – they had been planning for several weeks and pulled in numerous friends to help them pull off a surprise birthday party for my 50th birthday.  It was a total surprise.  I had no clue and was absolutely speechless.  There were probably a minimum of 30 people crammed into the party room!  Others came later.  I didn’t have enough time to speak to all those that were there.

Surprised – yes!  But it was a sweet surprise.  Gary said he couldn’t have pulled it off without Courtney’s help.  I guess years of throwing parties paid off!  She did pay attention!

But the best part was the day was the memory book that Gary and the kids put together.  They sent out an email or letter requesting that family and friends write up some memories regarding the relationship we have had over the years – some span a long time, some are more recent.  What a blessing to read what others remember and the impact that one has, especially when I least expected it.  It will be a treasured book for many years to come.

My family was surprised and pleased that they were able to pull this one off.  The mom is the hardest to plan for as she generally figures it out some how.  Courtney, in all her 17 years of wisdom said, ‘If it wasn’t for the Thailand trip and you being distracted by that – we could never have pulled this off!”

Thank you to all of you who helped – I was truly surprised and blessed by your efforts.