Today was my birthday.  I woke up to signs made by the kids reminding me of this fact;

30 AM

The signs that greeted me at 6:30 AM!

And my eldest reminded me not to worry the number of years I have lived – after all it is only a number – but it keeps getting bigger!

It was a day filled with a lot of activity – eye appointments, free coffee at Caribou, renewing my driver’s license, getting pictures taken with lovely black eyes and running kids from place to place.  I watched my husband and kids come together to make it a special day for me even though it was filled with lots of activity. 

Birthdays are a part of life and my youngest son loves birthdays and giving birthday parties.  His birthday is in December and generally we just have a small family birthday dinner.  He makes up for not having a birthday by spending the next 6 months planning a birthday party for his friend Tom, who has a summer birthday.   He has such a good time planning and giving the party. 

Much like the older three today as they planned special things for my day.  It was fun to come home from Caleb’s Basketball game with a Chinese dinner ready to eat!  Garrett and Courtney worked really hard to get the recipe for egg drop soup(ask them how they did it without me suspecting anything)! 

Caleb made the cake, complete with candles!

Guess what number is on the cake!

Guess what number is on the cake!

And if you look very closely you will see the remains of the two black eyes received while running a week ago!

As I reflect on the day, birthdays aren’t really about a person and their life – but about God and what He has been doing in that person and today that person is me.  I am so thankful for the work that He has done, first and foremost in giving me new life through His son Jesus and then for patiently working at smoothing my rough edges. 

There is much to be thankful for on this day!  And as my daughter reminded me – it is just a number – a constant reminder that I am getting closer to seeing Jesus’ face!