I have finally started to get out some since the fall on the ice.  The blackened eyes are hard to miss – unless I am wearing sunglasses.  The swelling has gone down enough that I can now get my glasses on and they are reasonably comfortable – still need to get them adjusted!  The best way to describe the way my eyes look – imagine raccoon eyes, but instead of the dark black circle around the eye, mine is a dark pink almost purple in color.  There is a black half circle under the eye – similar to the grease that football players paint on their eyes!  There is now some faint green/yellow color appearing around the nose and cheeks!  It is a rainbow of colors!

The best comment that I heard describing this “new” look came from one of the staff at the Shrine Hospital.  Her comment, “while it looks good on you, it is not the best look for you!”  Does one really want black eyes to look good – hm-mm an interesting point to ponder!

There have been several conversations revolving around the fact that I need to renew my driver’s license before Tuesday, 06 January.  Some think that I should make the eye look worse than it is and really play it up for the picture.  Some have suggested wearing a button saying, “My husband DID NOT do this!”   Others say that I have to get make up and cover it up – there is no way I would want that picture for 4 years on my license.  However the swelling is gone and the colors are less intense – I think covering it up will be much easier now. 

Several have asked for pictures – I don’t think so.  Pictures posted on the internet seem to never go away!  However my dad has also asked for a picture – so it might be possible!