In 18 days, I plus 4 others from my church will leave for 15 days in Thailand.  We will be leading the children’s program at a spiritual life conference.  I have done this kind of thing before and it has been a great experience.  I am thrilled that I will be able to serve families from the Minneapolis area that now live and work overseas.  One of the most exciting things is that one of my very good friends is now living in Thailand and will help with the conference.  God has been so good in granting this desire of mine – to partner with Karen in ministry! 

The man who asked me to come to this conference is someone I have know for many years.  The last I knew he and his family were in Africa.  So imagine my surprise when he showed up last January when I was doing this same type of program in Switzerland!  I had no idea that he was now involved with Central Asia.  It was so much fun to catch up on the past 20 years!  He really liked what I did with the kids in Switzerland and has since stated that it has really changed how he thinks about the children that attend these conferences.  In the past they have just tried to provided child care so that the parents could participate in their sessions.  Now he sees that they can have their own conference with valuable input into their lives.

While in Switzerland, God began to put a new vision into my life – one that involves doing these kinds of conferences in various places.  I have done this in the states for several years and now it seems like God may have a bigger travel area in mind.  I have been working alongside others in my church who have a similar vision.  Who knows what God might be pleased to do with willing hearts!

So for now, my sights are focused on Thailand and getting all the lessons and activities planned for all ages.  I have been given a great team to work with.  The nice thing about preparing for these conferences is that I spend a lot of time in the word preparing lessons, writing devotionals and just letting God’s word speak to me.  Once I get there I am ready to go and watch God work.  He never ceases to amaze me at what He can accomplish through those who are willing to love as Christ did.

Posts will become fewer between now and the time I leave.  Once in Thailand, all posts will be on the team blog –  Feel free to check out that blog sometime.  There are a few posts already, including our schedule. 

I am looking forward to the trip and to be able to see some old friends and have the opportunity to make new ones!