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I was so excited this morning – the temps were comfortable enough for me to run outside, the wind was silent and I was ready to get out and work the legs!  I did not get very far – the reason ICE!  I slipped on the ice – no that is not totally accurate.  My feet went out from underneath me so fast and I was on the ground before I even knew I was falling.  I went face first into the cement.  Ouch that hurt.  I was able to pick myself up, but my glasses had lost one of the lenses and I was bleeding.  It was the bleeding that forced me to turn and go home.  Once home and I saw the damage, I am glad that I came home.  I have had ice on my eye and nose all day.  According to my son, “Your nose is a bit mis-shapen!”  My eye is pretty swollen and turning various colors – mostly purple and pink for now – I am sure it will be black by tomorrow morning!

My words of wisdom – watch out for the ice!  As soon as I feel better, I will be back out running!