It is always interesting to watch people’s reactions when they find out that I run marathons and that I think they are fun!  Most people are amazed and find it inspiring to meet someone who actually runs marathons.  Some think that I am crazy but the most interesting reaction happened at church.

I was talking with someone that I hadn’t seen for several weeks.  He was asking what was new and I told him I was preparing for a marathon.  He smiled and said, “Wow” which was followed up with, “How old are you?”  Now it was my turn to be a bit shocked, since I have never been asked this question.   Once he heard my age, his response was, “Wow you are well preserved.”  Is that a compliment, I wondered.  He must have read the expression on my face and said, “you don’t look like you are______.”

So the question becomes – does running help one look younger?  I don’t know, but it helps me feel better and if it helps me to look younger, great.  Otherwise I will just take it as a gift from God.