That seems to be the question on everyone’s mind when they see me – Are you ready for the Marathon?  I am not sure one is ever really ready to run 26.2 miles, but I have completed the training to the best of my abilty, remained injury free and am feeling fairly strong.  So I guess the answer would be yes I am as ready as I can be at this point. 

So the suitcase will come out this week and I will begin packing.  Since I am a type A person – I already have my list.  Here is my packing list for this marathon;

Running clothes – Team World Vision running singlet, shorts with pockets, socks and shoes.  My shoes are fairly new and well broken in – less than 100 miles on them!

Confirmation booklet so that I can pick up my bib for the race.  This booklet contains all kinds of information, I will be watching the weather conditions this week – but think they will be fairly good for race day.

Essential oils – lavender for skin issues like blisters, sunburn?!?!?!; Peppermint is an anti inflammatory that will be used post race on joints like the knee; some others for muscle pain and stiffness

First aide items – mole skin for places where blisters are likely to occur – used as a preventative; ace type wrap for joints that could be issues, especially after the race

Blanket and pillow for the ride home – I am hoping to get a shower in before we load up and start the drive home.  I will not have much time to walk off the race before we head back.  The blanket will help keep the muscles warm and Lord willing from stiffening up a lot.  However when we do stop, I will be doing a lot of walking to loosen everything up.

Current Prayer requests:

That I would remain healthy, well rested and well hydrated.

That I could complete the marathon on my own two feet, without injuries and my goal time is 4.5 -5 hours.  However one of my sons would ask that I shoot for 4 hours 5 minutes as that would qualify me for the Boston marathon for my age bracket. 

Courtney will be staying in the Twin Cities as she has school and work – pray that she would have a good weekend while we are away.  She has friends that have invited her to stay over one night. 

That the rest of the family would have a restful fun weekend and that all we come in contact with might see Christ in our lives.

Probably won’t post anything else here until post marathon.  However you can track my race via the web from the Chicago marathon site using my bib number – 34824 if you just can’t wait for me to post!