Earlier I wrote about the little mouse that was running around our house until Gary put the sticky trap down.

Well we found another one – but it has a much different story.  We were gone most of the weekend as most of the family was attending the Desiring God National Conference (a post on that will arrive shortly).  Upon arriving home on Saturday night there was a distinct smell in the basement.  My first thought was that the dog had not been able to wait until we returned to go outside and do her duty.  However it did not smell quite right for that.

So I kept looking and smelling and was able to isolate where the smell was coming from – behind the computer or under the fuse box.  So I got down on my knees and started looking – then I found the source of the smell – a dead mouse behind the craft boxes under the fuse box.

So I wrote my dear husband an email telling him about the situation.  His response was precious – 

Oh yeeaaahhh!  My specialty is removal of dead animals, especially dead mice.  I am very, very proficient at it.  So I’ll be happy to put my skills to use again and get the stiff rodent out of the house and into the ground!

 So once he arrived home and was shown where the critter had fallen – it was out of the house rather quickly.  Now to air out the house