That was the theme of the Desiring God national conference which was held in Minneapolis over the last weekend in September.  It was a great conference and very challenging in thinking through how one uses words.  The Desiring God staff has posted videos from the conference.  Here is a list of the seminar titles and links to the videos:

Sinclair Ferguson was the first speaker of the conference.  His seminar was titled:  The Tongue, the Bridle and the Blessing; an exposition of James 3:1-12.  Click here for the video link.

Words of Wonder: What happens when we sing by Bob Kauflin.  He did a great job of encouraging believers to be solid on what is in the book and cautious with those things that are not explicitly in the book.  Click here for the video link.

Mark Driscoll, who drew a lot of youth, spoke on “How sharp the edge: Christ, Controversy and the cutting words.”  Click here for the video.

Daniel Taylor’s seminar on “The life shaping power of a story: God’s and ours” was my favorite session.  His message was extremely timely given where I am at with teaching at a ministry for inner city kids.  Click here for the video link.

Paul Tripp is always amazing and this seminar was no exception.  His topic was “war of words: getting to the heart for God’s sake” was exceptional.  Click here for the video link.

Pastor John gave the closing seminar on Sunday morning.  His topic was ” Is there such a thing as Christian Eloquence:  Clear words and the wonder of the cross,” was excellent.  It was a fitting end for the conference.  Click here for the video link. 

All in all, it was a refreshing weekend!