Late Sunday afternoon found me doing something that I rarely do on a Sunday – running my long run.  I generally try not to run on Sundays and make it a day of worship and rest.  However with the Desiring God National Conference happening over the weekend – there was not time on Saturday to get a 12 mile run in.  So after a short rest after the last seminar and helping to pack up the bookstore, I put on the running shoes and went out. 

It was a beautiful afternoon with the rain clearing and leaving a clear blue sky with just a touch of sun.  The temps were cooler than earlier in the week and the fall colors are beginning to be more prominent.  It was good to get out and stretch the legs after sitting a good portion of the weekend.  The lungs are improving, but not yet at 100 % after fighting this respiratory crud. 

During my run, I realized that two weeks from Sunday, which was the 28th of September, I will be in Chicago running the race I have prepared for.  I have been asked several times over the past couple of days if I am ready for the race.  I am not sure anyone is truly ready for a 26.2 mile race, but I have competed the training and will now let the results be up to the Lord.  I am as ready as I can be given the fact that I am a wife, mother of five, teacher and mentor, which means I have a life outside of running.  It is sometimes hard to keep a good balance.

Some prayer requests for the final two weeks:  That I would remain consisent to run – mainly to build the lungs back up; that God would give me time to focus on a running plan for the marathon; that I would run for the glory of God and that God would use my physical running to help those that cannot help themselves, mainly the children in Africa that Team World Vision is running for.  For more information on the project click here.