I love the change of seasons – especially from summer to fall.  This is my favorite time of year.  What a joy to be out running and watch the beautiful fall colors appear, slowly at first and then as they burst forth brilliantly.  Ah, Fall!

Fall is also when running becomes fun again.  During the summer, at least during those long runs, I would loose 4-5 pounds with each run.  Most of this was water lost due to sweating!  Once fall hits, I don’t loose as much fluid and running is no longer difficult as the sultry summer air pushing against one’s chest and making it difficult to breathe is gone! 

Fall brings with it, not only the beautiful color, but crisp clear and cool mornings – the best for running!  It is really hard to explain the difference it makes to run in temps of 52 degrees versus 65 +degrees.  But it is a joy and I love it.

It also means I am much closer to the date of the marathon – 12 October which is about 2.5 weeks out!  I have received the “Official” confirmation with my bib number – #34824.  In theory if you know the bib number you can track a runner through the official Chicago marathon site!  If any of you want to test this out – be my guest. 

It is hard to believe that I am so close to the actual race and yet I am not sure I am ready!  But I have remained injury free, which is a huge blessing.  Now I just need to get rid of this cold and get my lungs back to full capacity.  I have also been doing some research on the cramping issues that I have been experiencing – magnesium deficiency.  So I will be starting to take a supplement and hope that it will help on the day of the marathon. 

For now I am thankful for the cooler weather and enjoying the shorter runs.  The count down has begun!