Some of you might wonder what happens at home while I am out on a long run.  Sometimes it depends on the day – but today was an interesting morning.

I am up early on the days that I do a long run – which means up and out the door by 7 AM.  A long run of 15 plus miles generally takes 3 plus hours.  Here is a look at this morning’s activities;

Today was the Ayers family Annual trek to Valley Fair.  Valley Fair is an amusement park with many rides and lots of roller coasters.  The kids really look forward to this annual trek and spend a fair amount of time planning for it.  They love to take as many friends as Gary and I will let them invite.  We get this wonderful opportunity thanks to Gary’s employer who rents the park out every year for the employees and their invited guests.  It has become one of the kids favorite family traditions.  However this could be the last year for this wonderful tradition.  It almost didn’t happen this year – so the kids are really trying to make the most of it!

The house was full of kids -mostly boys last night when I got home from the Ladies night of prayer.  It was so much fun to hear the buzz as they were pouring over a map of the park trying to figure out how to spend their day.  I was trying to figure out what to do for breakfast, as I needed to be out and on the running trail before most would be up.  Much to my surprise, Garrett and Daniel had already planned to make breakfast for everyone.

So this morning as I got up, there was already much activity going on.  Generally it is very quiet.  Garrett and Daniel were already busy making pancakes – I even got to have one before I left.  A couple other boys were up as well.  I left about 7:15 AM with pockets full of food and liquid for the run.

As I hit about mile 6, most of the kids were up and ready to go. 

Mile 10 of my run found Gary and the kids outside waiting for others to get to the house and load up the van and head to Valley Fair.

Mile 15 found me nearing the end of the run – I had set out to run for 3 hours this morning.  I was sick Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and still have a nasty cough.  My lungs were functioning at about 75%.  The goal was to get as many miles as I could into 3 hours time.

Just under 3 hours found me completing my run of 16.5 miles.  Gary and the kids were are Valley Fair, tickets in hand and ready to walk through the gate.

All accomplished what they had set out to do and in the same amount of time!  What a morning!