I enter into week 13 of 18 weeks of training for Chicago.  I will have a light training week as I plan on doing a 20 mile run/race on Saturday in White Bear.  The race – “Get Ready to Rock” is to run three times around Bald Eagle Lake – wonder if I will see any Bald Eagles?  This should give me a good idea of where I am at with respect to endurance, stamina and pace.  It will also help  me get a feel for the “race jitters” that I normally get before any race – even when I was competing in High School and College. 

I have two 20 mile runs – scheduled for 06 and 20 September.  These next three weeks are critical for my training.  I am the most prone to injury during these weeks.  I have promised a friend that I will not run Chicago if I am injured.  The race is too painful and the recovery too long.  So pray that I will remain running strong and keep injury free.

I hope to finish in 3 hours – Pray for training this week and for the race on Saturday.