When my older kids were little, one of their favorite books was called, There’s a Mouse in the House.  It was a cute little story about a mouse that gets into the wrong house and is trying to find his way out.  And while reading the book, the kids could actually put a mouse through different “holes” and go to different rooms.  It was fun to watch them “read” the book while moving the mouse.

And it can be just a funny to watch those same kids, now in their teen years, when there is a real mouse in the house.  Garrett was the first to see the mouse in the basement.  He tried to track it down.  It was then spotted upstairs by Geoffrey who thought it was dead.  Gary was called in and put down a sticky trap with Cheerios.  Moments later the mouse was stuck to the trap!

In the mean time, Courtney did not know that the mouse had been caught and she very gingerly walked through he house, looking in all the corners to make sure that the mouse was no where in sight.  She was being teased by her brothers and the screaming was intense.  Finally she was told that the mouse was caught and out of the house.

All are breathing much easier!