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Last week was both hard and exciting. 

My friend gave birth to a healthy baby boy, 11 months after losing her daughter just days before she would have been delivered into the world.  It was exciting to see pictures of her beautiful baby boy and hear the story of his birth. 

I ran a great pace for 18 miles on Friday – still can’t believe the time I ran.  After Friday’s run, I realize that I might be able to run a 4 hour marathon!   

Courtney had her orientation for her insight classes on Friday.  She was so excited and it was fun to see her interact with those that will be with her in all of her classes for the next 9 months.

But underscoring all of these events that bring joy,  was the fact that Baby Johnny, who turned 4 months old on Tuesday had open heart surgery to correct a heart defect.  He spent the week fighting for his life and many were praying for a miracle – that he would turn the corner and begin the road to recovery.

That seemed to happen late Friday as things began to settle down and his heart rate and blood pressure began to return to more normal ranges.  By Saturday night, things seemed to be as well as could be expected considering the events of the week – well enough that the parents decided to go home, spend time with their 4 year old daughter and get a good nights rest.

Then the phone ran around 3:45 AM – things had changed and Baby Johnny had taken a downward turn and things were not looking good.  The father headed back to the hospital to be with Baby Johnny and check in with the doctors.  Things continued to go down hill, from a human perspective. 

When we got home from church, we had an email stating that things were critical and a call to prayer.  We gathered as a family to pray.  Shortly after we finished, we got a phone call stating that things were continuing to remain critical and again a call to prayer.

I found out late in the afternoon that people were gathering to pray at the hospital chapel.  Gary wanted to go, but also needed to work on a project so he said I should go to represent the family.  I was late in leaving and arrived late.  As I was trying to quietly enter the room and apologize for being late, I took one look at my friend’s face and knew things were not going well.

“Johnathan has passed away.” was the phrase that greeted me.  I felt like I had just had the wind knocked out of me.  “When?” was all I could get out. 

“About 10- 15 minutes ago.”

“We are praying for his parents.” 

It was not easy to make the shift from thinking that I was going to pray for healing and recovery to learning about his home going and praying for his parents in their loss.  Words cannot express the heartache that a parent feels at a time like this.  There is much going on, much to process and yet  funeral arrangements need to be made.  Please pray for Dave and Lea and their daughter Jules who was very close to her baby brother.

The funeral for Baby Johnny will be on Friday – this will not be an easy day.  Nor will the rest of the year be easy for them.  The path of Johnny’s medical issues began in December of last year and now having lost their precious son, the end of this year will be hard.  Pray for comfort that can only come from God.