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I have completed 9 of 18 weeks of training – halfway through the training and feeling good.  The hills are not as daunting as when I began training, the upper body is getting stronger (lifting weights has been a big help) and injuries have healed.

And what a difference the weather has made.  Today when I went for my long bike ride, the temps were 10 degrees cooler and very low humidity.  What has generally taken a little over 2 hours to complete was finished in less than 2 hours!  I didn’t realize what a toll the heat and humidity were taking.  I am feeling much better about where I am at with my training after today’s ride. 

The distances have increased – I run a minimum of 15 miles for the long run.  The longest run I will do pre-marathon is 20 miles and I will do it twice. At least one of those 20 milers will be a race with a friend – at least that is the plan for now.     The race will help me determine what time I am really running and give me a feel of race conditions again. 

I have increased my bike miles and am doing between 25-30 miles each week.  It will get my body used to going the distance but yet not tax the body in the same way that running does.  This will hopefully save some wear and tear on the joints. 

As the distances increase, so does the caloric intake.  If you were to come to my house for dinner on Friday nights, you would find a high carb meal being served.  While I don’t buy in to the carb loading theory totally, it does help make the body during those long runs!

Gary has booked the hotel rooms for our family. 

The excitement is building.

Praying for a finish time of 5 hours or less.  That would be much faster than Grandma’s two years ago.  The finish time is up to the Lord – I am responsible to train to the best of my ability.  And given the higher humidity of late – that has not been an easy task.  I would rather run in temps in the 40’s and 50’s rather than the 60’s and 70’s with humidity at about the same level.