In anemail from the team coordinator, he made this comment, “The long runs are getting longer.  Make sure you are prepared.”   Yes the long runs are getting longer – today’s run was 15 miles.  I generally do not feel these runs while I am running – it is not until you stop that you realize how hard your body has been working.

Today’s run was a bit different.  The temperatures and humidity have been rather high this week.  I have had to carry water or Gatorade with me for all of my runs or bike rides.  So this morning, I had water and Gatorade, plus some dried fruit and nuts – just in case.  The water had ice when I left, but by mile 3 the ice was gone and by mile 8 the water was pretty warm!  By mile 11, I was feeling the burn and the last two miles were pretty tough.  However, in spite of the weather, I ran a conservative time of 150 minutes or 2.5 hours – about 10 minutes/mile.  Not bad – but I will be feeling this run for several days.