For the past couple weeks, I have been spending time looking at the Old Testament Tabernacle – specifically the articles that were in the temple and how they were designed to point us away from ourselves and to God. The parallels between these pieces of furniture and the work of Christ is amazing. But each individual piece has a specific function to lead us to worship the King of King and Lord of Lord.

As I have studied each piece and it function in relation to worship, i have realized that I can use the same model to linger with God and prepare my heart to enter the Most Holy Place and to meet with my God.  This model helps me linger with God and to deal with issues that have come up during the week, things that might keep my heart from being ready to meet and worship God.

This has helped me with my long runs as I have time to think and meditate.  So as I run, I use the images of the temple articles, review the purpose and think through my life and deal with issues that have come up during the week.  Since I generally do my long run on Saturday and this generally means at least 90 minutes, I have time to take a mental inventory and prepare my heart for worship on Sunday.

On Saturday as I did my 12 mile run- I had worship music on my MP3 and used the temple articles to help me focus on things of God rather than the running. It is really amazing how quickly the run went by when the mind is filled with the greatness and glory of God.  A side benefit – it  gave me a better perspective for the rest of the day.

Running as worship – Yes if it is done correctly and with the right attitude and focus on the Great God that I serve.