I don’t know how many of you have seen the movie, Facing the Giants, but it is a really good movie at least for the message it delivers.  It is fairly predicable movie otherwise.  For me, the timing of the message was amazing. 

The basic premise of the movie is that the football coach has been at the school for 6 years and has never had a winning record.  The parents don’t think he has it in him to win.  This begins his “crisis” and his turning back to the Lord.  He challenges his players with the following, “Are you willing to give God your best and leave the results up to Him?”

This was a great message for me to hear.  I have been struggling with a lot of things when it comes to my running – mainly having enough time and using it wisely.  I have a lot of things on the calendar this summer and all of them take a bite out of the training time.   I have also had some injuries which take time to heal when causes me to lose already precious training time. 

So as I was watching this movie, I began to think again about why I like to run – “When I run, I feel God’s pleasure.”  (Eric Liddell).  For me running is a way to stay connected to God, to pray through tough situations, to pour out my heart to God, and to relinquish control of things and areas of my life. 

Now as I run, I continually ask myself, “Am I giving God my best on this run today.”  If so, then the results of that run, the overall training and the time I run on the 12th of October in Chicago –  are all up to Him.  If they are great times – God gets the glory.  If they are so-so times, God still gets the glory.  And even if I fail to finish the marathon, I will still praise God for the ability to train and run – it is He who gave me the ability to run and to continue running after all these years.

Running a marathon is more mental than physical.  Yes I need to train so my body is physically ready, but to actually make the 26.2 miles – I need to have a mental edge.  I have had to deal with the demons from Grandma’s marathon two years ago.  I ran that marathon injured, the temps and humidity were far from ideal and the mental edge was not there.  As I think about doing a second marathon, those thoughts enter my head – I need to be able to dismiss those and just focus on what I am doing.  Pray for mental toughness that can focus and give me the edge needed to finish the training and the race strong!