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I have been nursing a strained Achilles for about 2 weeks.  I am in crunch time and can’t afford to take time off, nor can I afford to not let the injury heal.  Tendons take way to long to heal.  Enter Google search and I have found some essential oils that have really helped. 

Today was the big test.  The training schedule had a 10 mile run.  I was shooting for 8 and made 9.2 miles and no problems with the Achilles. It was perfect conditions for running – temps in the 60’s, a nice breeze and overcast.  It was a bit muggy, but overall great running conditions.   The run this morning was just to see if the Achilles had healed enough to continue training and not for time.  I had just watched a movie (Facing the Giants) and was motivated to run my best and leave the results up to God.  So I was not expecting a good time, didn’t even take a watch with me.  However, I still finished in 90 minutes!!!  Wow, I was amazed.  Good time, no pain, God is Very Good. 

I also learned how to use Goggle maps to calculate my distances.  Hence the reason I knew the route I ran this morning was 9.2 miles!  I did however cut the really big hill out of my run this morning.  Next weekend, I will try that hill, depending on how the week goes! 

Now it is back to training while still tending to the Achilles – don’t want to have it flair later in the training.   Fifteen weeks and counting until Chicago!