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Summer is toe rings and flip flops, tank tops and shorts, corn on the cob, grilling out . . . and construction season.  I have to be honest and say that I really don’t enjoy construction and the delays and most of all I don’t enjoy the gawking that the men on the construction site tend to do when one runs by. 

It is hard to believe that almost every route that I have for running has some kind of construction going on.  They are putting in ramps at almost every corner in town, plus putting new asphalt on a lot of the side streets.  Each morning I am greeted with a construction crew somewhere and I just have to grit my teeth as I run past.  Thankfully I have not received any whistles – I am not sure how I would handle that situation. 

I missed a week of training due to being in Nebraska.  This week has been trying to catch up while protecting the strained achilles from further injury.  I have been treating the injury and so far, it seems to be doing fine with the running.  I am only running 3 days/week until my body adjusts to the longer distances.  Strength training – 2 days per week and one – two days of cross training on my bike.  I hope to get an eight mile run in yet this week.

The strength training and weight lifting has proven to be helpful – but not in ways I would have imagined.  When I started lifting in March, it was to get the upper body stronger.  When I ran Grandma’s two years ago, I didn’t put time into building the upper body and it caused some issues.  So I knew going into training this time, I would need to focus on building up the upper body.  That proved a very wise decision as I was helping my dad last week in Nebraska.  He does not have much strength and leaned on me a lot.  I was thankful to have had almost 4 months of strength training under my belt.  I had the strength to be able to support his weight.