I had perfect running conditions this morning – 57 degrees, nice gentle breeze, flowers blooming, cloud cover, but no rain in sight.  Absolutely perfect!   Set out to run 6.5 miles, mentally ready and physically ready.

I have had a couple rough weekends in the training department.  Memorial Day weekend I had a cyst in the groin which was rather painful.  It eventually ruptured which eased the pain, but made for a rather rough training run.  Last week, while I was able to get a long run in, I was already getting sick – just didn’t know it at the time and the run was tough.  I don’t get the flu oftern, but I got it over the weekend and it hit hard. 

So with the perfect conditions this morning I was ready – at least I thought so – until The Hill!  Then the calf started to hurt.  I knew I had strained it over the weekend, but it felt fine when I was biking with Garrett yesterday.  Garrett and I did about 10 miles on the bike with LOTS of hills and the calf felt fine.

Until THE HILL – then it hurt and I had to stop running.  I have learned that It is better to heal the injury now than to keep running on it and make it worse.  The hardest thing to deal with – I was running at 8.5 minutes/mile – Awesome time!  It was feeling like a really good run until the calf started to hurt.   I think part of what kicked it in this morning was the fact that I was running pretty tight – not a relaxed run at all. 

Pain is a good indicator of when to take it easy.  I have learned to listen to my body and not push.  So I plan to take off the rest of the week – might do some biking, but mainly just ice/heat and advil and it should heal quickly.  It seems like a good time to take a break as I have a ministry trip coming up.  I have been talking to one of the girls from Mississippi where I will be going.  She is having some health issues and has been exercising, which she says is killing her.  I promised to walk with her every day that I am there.  Pray for God to use this time to deepen our relationship and to help her express where she is. 

Since the weather is likely to be raining most of the week – I will kick back and read a book for fun!  A friend of mine recommended a book she liked and I have it on reserve at the library.  So with a cup of tea and book, ice pack and I should be good!