I have switched my long run day to Friday – at least for now.  Saturday is a family work day and if I am taking from 2-4 hours to run, I miss a lot of the work.  Plus I am wiped out for the rest of the day – especially if I am running over 15 miles!

So today I tried a run of 6-8 miles.  The purpose of this run was to see where I am with respect to endurance and time.  I was hoping for at least 9 minute miles.  I ran 6.5-7 miles complete with hills and finished with a small hill at the very end.  I finished in 80 minutes – not a great time, but the goal is to get the time down from here.  The endurance factor needs to be dealt with.  I will be running longer distances over the next two weeks to work on building endurance.  Once I hit the 18 weeks until marathon (which is 08 June), the distance really picks up over those weeks.  There are 3-20 mile runs scheduled – one of which I hope to do a race with a friend somewhere up north. 

I accomplished what I wanted to during pre training which was mainly to get back into a good routine and work on the getting the upper body strong.  I have both of those in place.  Now the goal is to keep the upper body strong as I enter into the next phase of training. 

After today’s run it is good bye to the running carpi’s and long sleeved shirts.  Hello shorts and tank tops!  Summer has arrived in Minnesota – finally!  It was breezy and I was cold when I started but about half way through the sweat was pouring down my face.  I came up a hill and God sent a stout breeze to cool me off.  It felt good until I turned the corner and had to run into that stout breeze!  However it was better than getting really hot and sweaty!

I am also looking for some new running routes.  I love to run in the city along the lakes, but with the price of gas getting close to $4/gallon, I can’t drive in as often as I would like.  When I was biking a couple weeks ago, I found some nice areas – now to clock the distance so I know how far I am running.  Now I just need some good tunes for my MP3 player – any suggestions are welcome.