I tried the first long run of my training time.  The goal was 6 miles in 10 minutes or less per mile.  I attained 5 miles at 9 minutes per mile.  I did not have a good set up for the run.  Gary and the kids have been gone, so I have not been eating a balanced diet, I had a migraine on Thursday, I was up way to late the night before and my body was just not feeling right.  So needless to say, I actually thrilled that I made 5 in good time.  Next weekend I will try for 6 again. 

I realized over these past few days that diet is critical for getting my body what it needs to be able to train and run well.  So I will be going back to the South Beach Diet – it will take a couple weeks to get the balance between carbs and protein correct – but it will pay off over the long haul.  I will also be saying good bye to chocolate and sweets!  Alas there are some parts that are difficult when training!  But overall, my body will be thankful.

God has given me a great running partner for my pace runs.  Beth runs 8 minute miles and yet she never seems to get frustrated with me when something goes differently than planned.  She also seems to know when I am struggling and slows the pace down.  When I have recovered, she speeds it back up.  What a gift.