There is a certain dog in the neighborhood – a collie – that sends my heart racing each time I see him.  I have 3 encounters with him and 2/3 of them have not been good.  The first time the dog actually jumped me and left me quite shaken up.  This past week I saw him two more times.  The first time, he was headed the other direction and nothing happened.  However the second time, I was on my bike and he was on a walk with his owner going past my the turn-in to my street.  I slowed way down – he turned and went crazy.  I thought for sure his owner was going to lose the lease and I would be done for.  But praise be to God, who kept the owner’s hands securely on that lease and the dog at bay. 

I am currently avoiding my neighborhood – at least from 9-10 AM – that seems to be the time when collie and owner are out for their daily walk.  I am not sure what I would do if the dog actually got loose and went for me – it is not something I want to find out.  Please pray that this owner would either change his walk time or that he would get control of the dog.  This is so out of character for a collie – makes me wonder what is up with that dog!

I grew up raising dogs and am very comfortable around them.  However seeing this particular dog really does send shivers up my spine.  This is the only dog that I am fearful of!  Pray for me as I learn to cast my fear and anxiety on the Lord and yet retain some distance from this particular dog.