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I was reminded as I was running this morning,  that this is a dangerous sport.  We live in a mobile society and as such, very few drivers are on the look out for pedestrians, let alone runners.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been much to close to a moving vehicle for my personal comfort. 

This morning I was reminded once again that drivers are more concerned with getting from point A to point B and pedestrians beware. 

So consider this a gentle reminder to watch for those on two feet while you are driving.   As a runner, I am really appreciative of those drivers who are willing to stop and let the runner proceed.  It does a heart good.

The other thing that can cause ones heart to skip a beat – dogs.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been chased by dogs and attacked.  Each time I see this one particular collie, my heart begins to race as he is the only dog that has literally jumped me.  Had I been wearing a running shirt instead of a big baggy t-shirt, I would have been headed into ER that day for stitches.  My t-shirt still has the bite marks from the dog.  This dog was not leased and was with a kid at the bus stop.  That is probably the closest I have come to being hurt from an outside source.  I have suffered many running related injuries.  So those of you that have dogs or know someone with dogs, please keep them on a leash at all times.  Dog bites are not fun to deal with!