That was the question I debated for several weeks.  I need both, but can’t afford both at the same time.  I need a hair cut as I am beginning to look a bit ragged – that polished look is no longer there, but then I am the mom of 5 guess I don’t really need that polished look – do I?   All I really need to cut is my bangs and I can do that.  Running shoes are critical if I am going to stay injury free from now until the marathon.  So last Saturday when I woke up to see the ground covered with snow – I decided to buy running shoes.

I went to a new store called Run N Fun.  It  was recommended to me by a friend, all of her children run and they generally get their shoes at this store.  This is a small store and all the folks who work there have a pedigree.  OK so I am not sure what to call it, so I am digging back to the days when we had a kennel and raised trained and sold Golden Retrievers.  Pedigrees were important and to work at this store you have to have run races and know feet.  It was a fun store.  They look at your feet, how you walk and run, ask you what kind of running you do and based on the information you give them, bring out running shoes for you to try. 

When you buy running shoes the only way to know if they really fit well is to – well run in them.  However last Saturday, it was snowing.  The alternative was the dreaded treadmill.  So I tried it and it wasn’t that bad.  It doesn’t compare to running outside, but it was OK and did give me a good feel for the shoes.  I ended up with a brand I have never heard of before and once they were on they fit like a glove and were the most comfortable shoes I have had in a long time.  What a difference it makes in my running.

However I didn’t get to use those new shoes much this week as I was laid low with migraines this week.  I don’t remember the last time I had a migraine nor did I remember how painful they are.  As I read what I just wrote, this is an interesting thought since it comes from one who at one time, in a period of over 6 weeks had daily migraines.    God has done an amazing work. 

So it wasn’t until Friday that I was able to run and it felt wonderful.  Today I ran about  4.5 miles in about 30 minutes in short sleeves.  It was so good to see things budding and the magnolias are beginning to bloom – Spring might actually be arriving in Minnesota!  At this rate I might be running in a tank top and shorts by Monday!!!!