Slow and steady may not always help you win a race like the tortise in the Tortise and the Hare, but it does get you to from the start to the finish.  However God has begun to challenge me on my thinking about this.  I know that if I run 10 minute miles, I will finish a marathon in 4hours and 30 minutes, give or take a few here or there.  My oldest son has figured out that if I run 8 minute miles over the whole course, I would finish in 3 hours and 46 minutes, give or take, which would also qualify me for the Boston Marathon next year.

God has provided people to run with me that run faster than I do.  So the training has intensified – trying to get my time down to at least a 8 1/2 minute mile.  I have also added speed work to help with this as well.  Today’s run went well – still had a good kick at the end. 

Maybe I won’t be as slow, but still steady!